The JIDPS Editorial System

The Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science (JIDPS) is the official journal of the Society for Design and Process Science (SDPS). And the JIDPS Editorial System (this website) is continually being developed to support the editorial process for the journal. Authors, editors, reviewers, proof editors, print agent and the Society have been connected together here through the editorial workflow. Both Word and LaTeX templates are provided for authors to start with.

The RnDSphere

The RnDSphere is a four-student group at the Design Lab, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. We are devoting our spare time to develop software to make our academic research easier. The JIDPS Editorial System was developed and has been maintained by the volunteers from the RnDSphere group. We will try to accommodate your requests for new functions and for refinement of existing functions. RnDSphere owns the Editorial System and provides JIDPS the services as it is and as long as it has the resources. JIDPS handles the contents. Hope you enjoy our online experience!